Interesting facts about Neo Fluidic Elantra


HMIL has created a unique title for itself for developing vehicles that have excellent benefit, can easily compete with the very best in the industry.

The New Elantra is one car which will take you by surprise. With the added advantages of low price and long warranty, this machine has all the added advantages of low price and long warranty, this machine provides the capability to compete with most of the competition in the small sedan segment.


Typically the HMIL Elantra launched in 2012 at the recent Expo after a failed try in 2004. With its fluidic design, it is apparently the best-looking sedan in comparison to other sedans like the Toyota Corolla, Chevrolet Cruze and also the Skoda Laura. The Elantra can be found in petrol or diesel options. The front part of the car has a hexagonal shape that makes it look like its other sibling, the Hyundai Verna except that it has comparatively bigger front lights that are a little angular in shape. The Hyundai’s magnificent look originates from the unique design of the headlight which goes back into the fender giving it a breath-taking look like a broad smiling face. Also, it has in-built turn signals on the side mirrors. The large wheel arches and five spoke along with the 16-inch alloy wheels gives it a flashy appearance.

Absolutely nothing is better than an excellent first impression, and also the Elantra experts in this matter. Whether looked at from the front side, side or back, Hyundai’s modern ‘fluidic sculpture’ design will certainly attracts certainly. Each and every design and style element from headlights and curved roofline to its reduced profile and modern door lines makes Elantra an outstanding car. High-quality elements, modern surfaces and top of the range coatings lead to a up-to-date interior.

Inside Elantra

The new Elantra delivers in a dual tone beige and black colors inside it. The entire fluidic scheme runs throughout its interior and exterior. The overall interior design is lovely with big and roomy cabins. The gear knob as well as steering wheel covered in leather and plastic buttons are soft to touch adding to the design beauty of the Elantra’s interior. Stepping into the Elantra is like Stepping into a whole new world of comfort. You can pretty much truly feel this comfort begining with the beige seats, ample leg room and headroom with comfortable front seats which provides ample support for the thigh. The fabric used in making the car seats is of very good quality. The driver’s seat is easily adjustable in ten ways, also it comes with a lumbar support.


Relaxed seating, improved driving position and a large yet calm cabin subsequently, make Hyundai Elantra a top choice for lengthier trips. You will definitely really appreciate the review on the future road trip on your trips. No, it is far from just a show off car. You have to drive this car, to experience this car’s efficiency.

The Elantra has a dual zone fully automated temperature control giving you a desired roomy condition any day, whenever or wherever you like. With auto cruise control, you are able to go on that long road trip from the comfort of your Elantra. On top of that, it has a hill assist, which usually really helps to climb hills easily avoiding the chance of rolling downwards and in reverse. The Elantra has a high quality UV glass for windscreen and doors which deflects hazardous uv sun rays and improves the ac to work properly. Hyundai Elantra comes in 6-speed manual transmission or six-speed automatic transmission variants. It is as well for sale in six attractive shades, including: white, twilight blue, silver and Red.

My View

It offers Automatic and manual transmission choices, the Elantra delivers sufficient power . One reason for this is the fact that in contrast to several heavier rivals, HMIL has kept the Elantra’s engine excess weight as low as possible, causing a power to weight ratio you’d probably often find in a sporty car. Every single corner exposed to the environment is actually aerodynamically developed that makes less drag.

The Elantra is thoroughly equipped with one of the fastest
engines from Hyundai and with a dashboard which has a futuristic look. Absolutely, the Elantra is a value for money and the buyers car of choice.

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